Online Sudoku

Thank you for using our online Sudoku game, we put a lot of thoughts on our online Sudoku and we would love to get feedback from you guys so we could improve our game.
Here you can find quick set of instruction:

Enter Numbers

You can use two different ways to enter numbers, the keyboard or the pen.
If you want to use the pen, just click on the “Click Pen” link, than you could choose the numbers from the small window that will open.
Enter More than one Number to a Cell
When you’re not sure regarding which number should be in one of the cells,
you can enter more than one number to one specific cell, just click the spacebar between the numbers, and type in as many numbers as you’d like.
Difficulty Level

You can choose from three different levels of difficulties,
one click on the difficulty menu will open a drop down menu that will let you choose one of three difficulties levels.
We hope you’ll enjoy the online Sudoku game, and we would appreciate any feedback from you. Please send us your feedback from the “Contact Us” section of the website.